Clémence Prosen

Clémence Prosen, a French-born Irish artist and calm-life advocate, finds inspiration in nature's tranquility and simple moments. Self-taught, she paints primarily in oils, employing soft brushstrokes to soothe the mind. After 15 years as a project manager in the corporate world, she rediscovered her passion for art in 2014, finding solace and mindfulness in creativity. Inspired by Ireland's landscapes, she honed her craft alongside her job until fully dedicating herself to art in 2021. Her work, showcased in various exhibitions and galleries, aims to promote well-being and mental health. Clémence's brand, "Calm Space," offers accessories for creating serene environments, while her Artful Prints capture the essence of Irish and British regions. Through her art, she seeks to inspire a calmer, more balanced life worldwide. Visit her studio at Ardgillan Castle in Co. Dublin.

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