Vendor Subscription Policy

All subscriptions are only fully refundable up to a 28 day period. However subscription refunds are subjected to the following:
  • Should you receive sales within the 28 day period.
  • Should you par-take in any activities held by Grá.
Any refunds requested after 28 days from purchase will be subjected for review at the discretion of Grá. You will not be entitled to a refund after this duration period after use of our services. However the query for a refund will be processed by our team in good measure. Please note payments in arrears will be deducted from payouts if payments have not been made or overdue. Grá has the ability to freeze payouts if payments in arrears are significant until the balance is resolved.
Businesses or individuals who don't pay arrears on their subscriptions have 28 days to do so. After this period Grá will no longer take liability for the stock. Storage fee's apply to businesses who do not claim their products in this period. Products will be stored for a period of up to 3 months at a rate of €150.00 monthly. If not claimed the products will be disposed of. Each business / individual is liable for their own shipping costs. Should it arise that you wish to have your goods returned for any given reason it is at the discretion of the business / Individual and to be paid in full before shipment or release.
Cancelling a subscription:
Subscription cancellation notice must be put in 60 days prior to cancellation. Any balances due must be brought forward with the remainder of the contracted period paid in full. Please also note , once stock has left the premises Grá will no longer take liability for the goods. If you have any concerns or queries please note them before removing the goods from the store. Once removed Grá will hold no liabillity. By entering and exiting this agreement you are acknowledging our terms and conditions.
To cancel your subscription please file a submission form below. 

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