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Cera Filter by 39Arita

Cera Filter by 39Arita

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Cera Filter by 39Arita


With the Cera Filter there is no need for disposable paper filters. The body of the filter is made of a porous ceramic, containing countless passages, several microns in diameter, giving the Cera Filter an extremely high filtration capacity.

The 39Arita Cera Filter, filter holder and bowl are all Arita-yaki, a Japanese porcelain hand made in a small town called Arita located on Kyushu island and is now available in Ireland for the first time. It can be used not only for coffee but also for green tea, black tea & spirits.

Compared to other paperless filter brewers , this dripper has a very high ability to remove coffee fines, giving you a clear and tasty coffee without the need for single-use paper filters.

To clean and maintain the Cera filter, just empty your coffee grinds from the brewer and rinse with hot or cold water. The filter can be steeped periodically in hot water to reduce clogging or coffee oil build up.

The Cera Filter is not Dishwasher safe and soaps or detergents should not be used when cleaning the filter. It is best to avoid scrubbing with any type of brush also as this may damage the filter.

Each box contains:
- The Cera Filter
- Ceramic Holder
- Ceramic Bowl

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