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Hario - Tetsu Kasuya 02 V60 Dripper (Porcelain)

Hario - Tetsu Kasuya 02 V60 Dripper (Porcelain)

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The Tetsu Kasuya V60 dripper changes the traditional rib structure of the V60 with spiral ribs that intentionally slow down the water drawdown. This enhancement optimizes the extraction process, without having to make adjustments to your grind settings. Crafted specifically for use with Tetsu's 4:6 brewing method, the design follows his theory that the initial 40% of water in a pour-over balances sweetness and acidity, while the subsequent 60% fine-tunes the strength and intensity of the flavors.

  • WIDTH X HEIGHT X DEPTH: 140 x 100 x 116 mm
  • MATERIALS: Porcelain
  • COMPATIBLE WITH: Hario V60 Filter Papers
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