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Hario V60 One Pour Dripper MUGEN

Hario V60 One Pour Dripper MUGEN

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The Mugen Dripper, though similar in style to the V60, is designed to be able to brew with one continuous pour. The main differences between the Mugen and the Classic V60 is that the Mugen has flat walls, limited ridges and more flow restriction. The paper filter clings to the walls of the dripper, causing a slower draw down and extending the contact time between the coffee and water.

If you are used to brewing with a Classic V60 dripper, we'd suggest a slightly coarser grind be used for the MUGEN

  • WIDTH X HEIGHT X DEPTH: 142 x 84 x 116 mm
  • MATERIALS: Ceramic (Body), Polypropylene (Holder)
  • COMPATIBLE WITH: Hario V60 Filter Papers
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