Dana Sorokina

Introducing Dana, the vibrant artist with a story as colorful as her creations! Originally hailing from the bustling capital of Latvia, Riga, Dana decided to shake things up by making a daring move to Ireland in 2001, bringing along her undeniable artistic flair. Dana's artistic journey began at the Riga Technical School of Art and Media (RMMT), laying the foundation for her passion. But here's where the plot thickens: during her time in Ireland, Dana didn't just sit idle in the realm of art. No, she ventured into the world of Marketing and Sales at the College of Business Management (BVK), Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT), turning what seemed like a detour into a stroke of brilliance. Armed with a Bachelor's degree and a unique blend of artistic and business acumen, Dana emerged as a formidable force in the art scene. Her achievements speak volumes— from a successful debut at Ireland's renowned Art Source fair to exhibitions in prestigious galleries like "Grá the Coffee Bar" in Naas and "Hungry Monk Art and Craft Gallery" in Cong, Co. Mayo. Dana's collaboration with Irish composer and artist Róisín Gavin for CD cover designs adds another dimension to her portfolio, while her solo exhibitions and participation in various art festivals and events across Ireland showcase her versatility and dedication. Her preferred medium, oil Alla prima with a pallet knife, combined with her eclectic subjects ranging from flowers to vintage Volkswagen beetles, imbues her artworks with a distinct charm that resonates globally. With pieces finding homes in private collections across Ireland, Italy, Belgium, the UK, Latvia, and the USA, Dana's future in the art world shines brightly, promising continued growth and artistic exploration.

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