Jean Lowndes

Working mainly with an oil palette knife, I love the impasto technique that creates mood and atmosphere. I grew up on the family farm in north County Dublin. I am fascinated with nature as depicted throughout many paintings of flowers, farm animals and woodland scenes. I enjoy working on seascapes, in which my little boats are a constant feature and fun paintings of balloons from my series, ‘Let’s Celebrate’.
After a serious fall and subsequent back surgeries, I took up painting as a hobby in 1996 when other options were limited and found it to be very therapeutic. I has been painting full-time ever since and I would describe my change of career as ‘the best decision of my life’.
My paintings are incredibly rich and inviting and are characterised by a thick and bold impasto technique and the use of layers of strong vivid primary colours, which creates depth mood and atmosphere. I think of them as “Bringing the Outdoors in”. In addition to my scenic representational work, I have worked on experimental abstract paintings. This collection of work reveals virtuosic handling of colour, with a focus on strong yellows, sky blues, pinks and lively greens. They exude a palpable energy that imparts my passion for art and nature combined. Personal experiences with specific locations inspire my work. Beautiful sunrises and sunsets demonstrate vivid moments I have experienced, with sequences of rich pigment imitating sun rays spanning the canvas.
Most recently, I have added a spectacular new theme to my collection. Using fluid art techniques, I create works with an incredible mix of colours, texture and shapes. These rich, harmonious compositions with dynamic cell structures are perfect to enhance any decor.
My work is popular with collectors and art lovers, and I also have been involved in many group charity exhibitions for local causes.

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