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Aeropress Clear

Aeropress Clear

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Shatterproof Tritan™

The iconic brewer, made with the same patented technology, now available in crystal clear, shatterproof Tritan™. The Aeropress coffee brewer is a versatile and easy to use brewing device that helps you get the most from your home brewing. It is also the perfect office or travel companion. The AeroPress Clear seamlessly blends transparency, ease of use, and adaptability for a coffee experience like no other.

The Same Perfect Cup

Designed with coffee enthusiasts in mind, the AeroPress Clear delivers a cup of coffee that is not only visually striking but also bursts with flavor and aromatic complexity. At the core of the AeroPress Clear is its innovative transparent design, providing a captivating view of the brewing process. Watch as hot water and coffee grounds intertwine, creating a mesmerizing pourover brew that ensures optimal flavor extraction at the perfect temperature. The result? A crystal-clear cup of coffee that not only pleases the palate but also offers a visual spectacle, elevating your coffee ritual to an art form.

Versatile Brewing

Versatility is a hallmark of the AeroPress Clear. Whether you prefer a classic cup or enjoy experimenting with various flavors, this brewing marvel caters to all tastes. Follow the standard brewing method for a quick, intense cup, or delve into the inverted method for a more nuanced extraction, allowing you to tailor your coffee to your unique preferences. With endless possibilities, the AeroPress Clear empowers you to unleash your inner barista, experimenting with grind size, brewing time, and water temperature to craft the perfect cup every time.

On-The-Go Brewing

Compact and portable, the AeroPress Clear is the quintessential companion for coffee lovers on the move. Its lightweight, transparent build makes it an ideal choice for travel, camping, or simply for those who appreciate a visually stunning cup of coffee wherever they go. Bid farewell to bulky coffee machines and complicated setups – the AeroPress Clear is your go-to solution for consistently excellent brews, no matter your location.


Cleaning is a breeze, ensuring that maintaining this transparent brewing wonder is as enjoyable as the coffee it produces. Embrace the simplicity of the AeroPress Clear, and immerse yourself in a world where coffee brewing becomes a transparent art form. Elevate your coffee experience with the AeroPress Clear and enjoy the clarity of flavor in every sip.

Check out our Aeropress brew guide to find out how we prepare and brew with the Aeropress Clear.


  1. AeroPress Clear Chamber, Plunger, Filter Cap & Seal
  2. Paper Micro-Filters
  3. Stirrer
  4. Scoop
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