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Ceado Hoop - Radial infusion brewer

Ceado Hoop - Radial infusion brewer

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Hoop is a radial infusion brewer. Water filters evenly through the coffee bed, in a smooth and regular way, thanks to the side holes at the bottom of the Flow Tower. The flow of the water through the holes guarantees an even extraction: the water filters through the coffee with the same quantity and strength, reaching the paper filter only after completing the journey through coffee.

Hoop allows to achieve a full and high quality extraction, with no effort! It's accessible to everyone who wants to experience drinking a high quality coffee with no need for specific skills or knowledge. Designed to make cleaning easier, remove the paper filter and coffee by slightly unscrewing the Flow Tower from the Outer Loop and the paper filter will be easily ejected! All Hoop elements are easy to take apart and to wash, with water or in the dishwasher. Hoop is made of a durable BPA free plastic, easy to clean and long-lasting; a low maintenance material!

Attention: Before purchasing ensure that your coffee server is compatible with the Ceado Hoop.

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